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We produce biodegradable technical foams for a wide range of applications. We enable a sustainable and biodegradable alternative for conventional foams based on PU, PE and PS.

Thanks to our innovative technology and a creative use of biopolymer resources we are able to implement a tailor-made biodegradation into your consumer products.


We produce biodegradable compounds (granulate) based on biopolymers, natural fibers and additives. Our products are optimized for processing by:

  • injection moulding

  • sheet extrusion

  • film blowing

  • 3D printing


We realize biomaterial and consumer product prototypes for our industrial clients and brand owners. We implement our high-end knowledge on biopolymer processing in order to enable an optimal end result.

We excell in combining your desired requirements on biobased resource usage and biodegradability. into a product with functional biodegradation.