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Biodegradable & Biobased PHA Packaging Bottle

In collaboration with Pezy Group and the University of Groningen, KNN Bioplastic developed unique packaging bottles by both Injection Stretch Blow Moulding (ISBM) and Extrusion Blow Moulding (EBM). By optimizing processing conditions and utilizing novel polymers such as PHA’s (PolyHydroxyAlkanoates) we were able to realize bottle packaging which is both 100% biobased and biodegradable.

Key properties

  • Good heat resisitance
    (hot fluids ≤100 ºC)

  • Good in-use hydrolysis stability
    (resistant to degradation by detergents)

  • Versatile biodegradability characteristics:

    • Aerobic Industrial & Home composting

    • Marine & Soil degradability

    • Anaerobic digestion

  • Excellent physico-chemical properties (printing, sealing, dyeing, barrier)

  • Sustainable packaging solution:

    • Reduced CO2-footprint

    • No competition with food chain
      (Wave II or GHG feedstock)

    • No GMO in feedstock

Specific product applications include packaging for, e.g.:

  • Skin Care Products

  • Sunscreen / oil (potential for environmental pollution)

  • Adhesives and sealants

  • Cleaning products

  • Festival products (potential for environmental pollution)

  • Outdoor sports products (potential for environmental pollution)

PHA bioplastics used by KNN Bioplastic are a naturally occurring biopolymer with thermoplastic properties. The biopolymer is produced by micro-organisms during fermentation processes. PHA’s are utilized by micro-organisms as an energy reserve and are therefore naturally metabolized by micro-organisms in nature. By combining PHA biopolymers with other biodegradable polymers specific compounds can be achieved with an on-demand shelf-life, functionality and biodegradability.