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Biobased resins for 3D SLA printing

As a leading partner within the M3DPHA project KNN Bioplastic developed a biobased resin for 3D SLA printing. Together with an innovative consortium (Symbioshape, Stenden University and the University of Groningen) KNN Bioplastic experimented with various biobased resins in order to develop a prototype resin suitable for SLA printing.


Such biobased SLA resins can be used for various high-end printing applications, such as medical postheses or within the prototyping industry. 

Various 3D printing techniques (e.g. FDM and SLA printing) are becoming more and more popular wihtin industry thanks to their flexible and versatile nature. Within the M3DPHA project KNN Bioplastic identified a market demand for more high-end and sustainable 3D printing resources. Together with the project consortium KNN Bioplastic invested its biopolymer know-how and efforts in realizing an important milestone in 3D SLA printing: a high-end biobased resin.

The M3DPHA project has been realized and funded thanks to Fryslân Fernijt IV subsidies.